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About ME

 As a professional model and dedicated content creator, I've been able to live out my little girl dreams working in between Miami, NYC & LA.

But my journey is more than just glamour -  It's a tale of resilience, triumph, and transformation. I was losing a 10 year battle with mental illness and finally decided once and for all I was not going to be the victim in this movie. I took a jump and I've taken a blank canvas of uncertainty and painted my dream career on it. 

Through the lens of my experiences, I've come to embrace the profound connection between passion, perseverance, and purpose. This website isn't just a portfolio of my work; it's a sanctuary of inspiration, a testament of the power of our mind leading boundless potential. 

 As you explore these pages, my hope is that you'll find the courage to chase your aspirations, transform your challenges into stepping stones, and journey alongside me towards a life filled with authenticity and fulfillment.


Thank you for being a part of my story, and I can't wait to embark on this incredible adventure with you.


With gratitude & excitement,




For questions or collaboration inquiries, please reach out to my team:

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